Book Press Release

If you’re an author who has recently finished a book, then a Book Press Release is an essential starting point to begin creating market awareness. Clearly you will want to maximise the potential of your book but if you are going to generate a press release then, as with most things, there are right and wrong ways of doing this. As you will see from the author testimonials we have on our website we have been creating book pr for several years and our author clients have greatly benefitted from our extensive experience and expertise.

By following a professional format your press release is more likely to be read and responded to by those who receive many such documents every day. It also should include any content that is news worthy because this is fundamentally what a journalist who is looking to fill a column, is looking for. If you can appeal to many such recipients then you are more likely to get spin off publicity that results in details of your book being widely circulated in several publications which can lead to even more exposure, perhaps on radio or even TV.

So you have spent a huge number of hours writing your book so why would you risk the success of this work by not having the very best news release crafted to support it? Once you have the press release it then needs to be distributed and this also is crucial to get the right type of exposure, with the right people. This PR distribution is all part of the service we offer and is included in our standard PR package.

Many self-publishers often underestimate the potential of a quality press release to attract ongoing publicity which greatly improves their chances of success. Why not contact us for a no obligation discussion about what our professional PS package could do for you, or alternatively please review our other web site pages for further information.